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We invite you to learn and explore - get your hands dirty or sit back and watch the action, either way, we want you involved to the degree you desire.

Our Ranch is fun and educational.

When innovation meets integrity for the purpose of producing food abundantly the result is a mind-blowing experience. We get excited about plants sprouting, cow's grazing and newborn calves bounding through the perennial grasses their ancestors grazed. Seeing chickens lay eggs, watching a piglet root out some grubs. Enjoying the bounty the earth can spring forth are all hallmarks of a living ecosystem, teeming with abundance.

Our regenerative Rancher will be your guide - no question is off limits, no amount of curiosity is too much. With years of experience, our team can handle those who are farm curious up to and including those who classify themselves as homestead fanatics.

But - we adhere strongly to the "work hard, play hard" axiom - so, each day, based upon your interests and desires, we will plan complete day of fun.

We split our events into two broad categories:

Ranch Activities and Ranch Adventures

Ranch Activities, listed below, include the following and are available every day on the Ranch during your stay...

Daily Horseback Rides

No experience necessary - Your All-Inclusive stay at SonRise Grass Creek Guest Ranch includes horse rides Tuesday thru Sunday each week. Click the link above for more information.
Horse Riding Lessons

Horseback lessons are one hour in length. Lessons are booked daily based on availability, Tuesday thru Saturday each week. No riding experience is necessary.
Pony Rides and Horse Therapy

Grab a session of horse therapy, included with your stay, where our experts will take the necessary time to teach you about this wonderful creation. Kids love to learn and do so at a slower pace than their adult counterparts - for this, a Pony Ride might be just the answer.
Feeding Baby Chicks and Egg Gathering

An all-time favorite of the farm - it seems all ages love baby chicks! Spend some time in our brooder room and hold a tiny fuzzball of cuteness.
Enjoying a pasture walk with the Rancher

Come join us on a pasture walk to explore and learn about how cattle graze and interact symbiotically with their grasslands, or see our pastured Pig operation and enjoy their delightfully entertaining antics.
Petting Zoo Visit

Our petting zoo features a Flemish Giant bunny, known for their docile behavior and kind disposition.
Hiking to 6200 feet in 15 minutes

Get a breathtaking view of the Big Horn, Absaroka and Owl Creek Mountain Chains all in one trip - Butch Cassidy's old stomping grounds.

Most of our Ranch Adventures, featured below, occur off-site and must be selected before your arrival. Although many are available, our most popular are listed below and may be included with your stay. Any and all admission fees, transportation arrangements, food and drink costs and any applicable taxes are included in the total cost of your stay with our Ranch - you do nothing but enjoy!

Butch Cassidy's Whiskey Trail

Taste and visit a premier whiskey distillery in the heart of Wyoming country. Includes a tasting of truly unique Wyoming only whiskeys, gift shop and other unique items.
Afternoon ride and country picnic

A late morning horseback ride arriving to overlook the nearby mountains. We will cater a complete, hand made lunch for you and any drinks for your excursion.
Canoe or Whitewater River Trip on the Big Horn River

A three hour trip down the historic Big Horn River, just outside the wind river canyon. Filled with gorgeous scenery, slow but steady water and breathtaking light. Includes a catered hand made lunch and drinks.
Dinner, Show and Rodeo

A late evening adventure that includes transportation to a delicious unlimited family style dinner meal, a full hour of live music entertainment and the worlds only nightly Rodeo.
Hot springs dine and dip

A mid-morning lunch adventure that includes transportation to the world's largest mineral hot springs. This adventure includes admission to the springs, a catered, handmade lunch and drinks.
Cowboy Corral and Cattle Gathering

Join the Ranch crew on horseback to gather cows and calves into our arena for processing (ear tags and numbering). This event only happens a few times per year and we can notify you in your quote itinerary if it is available.

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