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Ranch events generally take place in either the mid-morning and/or late-afternoon, between meals. We will invite you to learn and explore - get your hands dirty or sit back and watch the action, either way, we want you involved to the degree you desire.

We believe Ranching is fun. Yes - you read that right. When innovation meets integrity for the purpose of producing food abundantly the result is a mind-blowing experience. We get excited about plants sprouting, cow's grazing and newborn calves bounding through the perennial grasses their ancestors grazed. Seeing chickens lay eggs, watching a piglet root out some grubs, take a horse ride. Enjoying the bounty the earth can spring forth are all hallmarks of a living ecosystem, teeming with abundance.

Our regenerative Rancher will be your guide - no question is off limits, no amount of curiosity is too much. With years of experience, our team can handle those who are farm curious up to and including those who classify themselves as homestead fanatics.

Or, perhaps you simply want to know how good food is properly raised. Or, perhaps you are nearing retirement with the dream of living off the land in the wide open spaces, but have no guide or experience. We are here to help. Our passion is regenerative production - seeing land heal and restored to it's natural, symbiotic state of equilibrium between man, animal and plant biology.

We've built the SonRise model successfully, and now want to share it with you.

Things you might find yourself doing at SonRise Grass Creek Guest Ranch...

Horseback Rides
Moving cattle
Feeding chickens
Collecting eggs
Helping build fence (yes, you can work if you want to)
Viewing wildlife
Seeing a calf born
Enjoying a pasture walk with the Rancher
Sitting next to a camp fire
See the petting zoo
Pony rides
Visit the ghost town of Kirwin, Wyoming
Games in the lodge
Movie night under the stars
Visit the worlds largest mineral hot springs (and get in them!)

Here is a guest guidebook, we've made for all our vistitors.

A young rider learning to control a horse for the first time

A young rider getting his first lesson at SonRise Grass Creek Guest Ranch

Wildlife is abundant on and around our Ranch

SonRise Ranch Chick Brooding Class

Our chick brooding room where the babies are incubated for their first few weeks of life. Children enjoy holding a baby chick for the first time

The "Lunatic Rancher" tour - showing the guests how we move our cattle

An all-inclusive guest getting to operate a tractor for the first time.

The "Eggstravaganza" tour - kids love gathering eggs on pasture

Johnny Cash is our "Man in black" Flemish giant bunny - a gentle soul to be sure. Guest love to pet him!

A 20 min hike to the mountain top yields the best views of the Ranch. Passing the rock face where initials from the original homesteaders are carved into the soft face are still visible

Much of the original farm equipment, dating to the late 1800's remains on our Ranch

*we are an innovative, working regenerative agriculture Ranch - not all events will occur each week, nor will they be uniform in length, schedule or content