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Spring and summer on the east side of the Rocky mountain range can be very confusing - we often can experience winter, summer, spring and fall all in the span of one day. We recommend, that regardless of when you book your stay with us, you pack accordingly.

Layers are the best method of heating and cooling. A long sleeve shirt and light rain jacket can be very helpful - all year long. It is not uncommon to have a snow flurry followed by an 80 degree afternoon sun bath. Bring boots for hiking and exploring - a Ranch is no fun in sandals. Shorts are rarely needed with one exception...

Our Guest Ranch is only a short drive from the world's largest Natural Mineral Hot Springs. We recommend bringing a swim suit to enjoy this, once in a lifetime attraction. They have pools, slides, steam rooms and you will leave feeling refreshed and exhilarated (I think the ancients knew a thing or two about this)

We are only a few miles from a very secluded, single entry point to the Shoshone National Forest - the "back way" into Yellowstone. The drive, albeit a dirt road has never been without wildlife in abundance (bears, moose, elk, dear and pheasant). However, even in the summer, a jacket for this trip is well worth it. Temperatures can change by as much as 30 degrees between the entrance to the Ranch and the gates of the Shoshone.