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We think getting to know our horses is a vital step in enjoying your stay at our Ranch.

Here we introduce the humans and the horses you'll be working with while staying on the Ranch. Each horse, like each person, has a unique and individual personality. Some are stoic, some quite, some gleeful and some are giddy - but each one is hand selected for this job.
Most of our Horses are older and enjoying "horse retirement" - which for a horse is a nice, leisurely walk 3 to 5 times per week with a friend on their back and plenty of good food and drink. We have a dedicated, kind and caring vet on call for all our animals and our horses are no exception. Our horses are often recruited from other working ranches. The cowboys and families whom they served with during long, hard workdays want them treated kindly and to enjoy their golden years - we make good on that agreement here at our place.

Our people are no different - they work hard, believe in what we are doing and have dedicated great effort to seeing our Ranch and the innovative concepts we represent move forward - we hope you'll get to know everyone during your stay here.

Introducing a "Girl Named Sue"

Sue is a real gem. She is nearly 22 years old and has "been there and done that" - very calm, very understanding and sweet eyes (look into them when you get here, you'll see what we mean). She has a sway back, so we are carful who gets on her. She can gather cows, shut gates, cross water, go up and down hills with no problem and stays calm in stressful situations.

The perfect "dude" horse, she loves to trail out and enjoy long walks. She has a very smooth gait (walking rhythm) and is loved by all.

Meet "Tommy Boy"

Another perfect "dude" horse - Tommy is super slow and mellow, we like to think of him as a lazy surfer, hanging out on the West Coast waiting for that perfect wave. He loves his job, but has no real "get up and go" - so he is perfect for our dude string. He is strong and fit with a smooth ride.

The Duke of "Earl"

Earl is a jolly fellow with an interesting story. He's a bit of a giant - at almost 17 hands. He originally came to us with sore front feet and legs, because he had lost some of the collagen padding between his joints - like arthritis for horses. But, we took him on and immediately had our farrier, Chris Newswanger with CN Farrier Services, LLC from Meeteetse and our Vet, Dr. Kevin Dicky, from the Owl Creek Veterinarian Clinic take a close look and confer amongst each other. What they concluded was that Earl could use a medical treatment and some fancy, specially crafted shoes for his front legs.

Armed with some knowledge, and a bit of money to risk on him (the medical injections cost a few bucks) we started on a treatment program. We have seen exceptional resluts - it always amazes me when something like this comes together in the Horse World. Expertly skilled practitioners working their trade.

Earl is now a daily rider, with no pain and feeling a lot better.

Moe Bandy

We call him, "Mo with Go" and boy howdy, does he have a lot of spunk. He's not going to run off with you, but he does have a lot of joy and energy. He's spent his life training little kids to ride, so he knows what he's doing. If you are riding Moe, you will be near the center of the string, so that he doesn't get out in the front and lead the whole group to Kansas. A neat feel and good energy, just like the country music singer.

Meet Riata

With perhaps the coolest horse name ever, Riata is our go-to, all-buttons horse. She is equipped with every lever and widget a horse can have. She can move cows, cut, spin, twirl and loop (just kidding, she can't loop, we'd need an airplane to loop) - but, darn, she does it all. And quite the personality too... she's like and excited teenager, always willing to help out. A real spunky thing... and small too, she's about 14-3 hands, so next to Earl, she looks like a pony.