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You are the focus
at SonRise Grass Creek Guest Ranch in beautiful Wyoming. Here's to your health, your freedom and the liberty to choose food that will not sicken your family or keep you up at night wondering if you've been duped by a fancy label, craftily designed to fool you into thinking you've saved the planet with your purchase. Our meals are cooked with care, homemade and sourced from our Ranch and the local community. Every meals is included with an All-inclusive stay at our Ranch.

Our dinner menu changes daily. Today's meal selection can be found by clicking here. We have an extensive selection of beer, wine and whisky. Our meals are simple, delicious and sourced from our Ranch or nearby local purveyors. If you sit for dinner in our lodge you are literally, eating farm to fork within a few hundred feet of your plate. Here is a guest guidebook we've written for all our visitors.

Our cookhouse lodge (where all meals are served) is open 24 hours for snacking, camaraderie and fun. Kitchen hours are limited to scheduled meal times.

Our self-serve
continental breakfast begins at 8 AM each morning from Tuesday to Sunday.
Lunch is served from 12 to 1 PM.
Dinner is served at 6 PM.

Complementary coffee is available daily beginning at 7 AM in the cookhouse.

We believe that understanding where your food comes from and how it should be grown are the first steps in food and agriculture reform - in short, all the greenwashing in the world doesn't hold a candle to the true, in-depth connection of eating directly from a Ranch that has grown your food. This, plus the enlightenment that comes from seeing the actual sourcing of food is awe-inspiring.

If you have ever wondered how responsible, non-industrial, direct farm sourced food and animals should be raised, SonRise Grass Creek Guest Ranch is for you. A stay with us will leave you inspired, rested and filled with a deep understanding and education in how to source from a local farm. Don't be duped by pretty pictures and catch phrases for your purchasing decisions - come see us! In a just a few days, we can equip you with all the answers you seek concerning responsible, environmentally friendly food sourcing. It's a stay that pays long after you leave.

Eat - Stay - Play - Sustain

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Breakfast Breakfast

Our breakfasts are a continental spread consisting of:

  • Hard Boiled Eggs
  • Made to order, farm fresh eggs
  • Fresh Handmade Scones (both Sweet and Savory)
  • Yogurts
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Oatmeal bar and all the fixens
  • Bread bar, that includes local jams, jellies and grass-fed butter
  • Juices, Coffee, Milk
We start serving at 8 AM each day, Wednesday - Sunday

Included with your stay
Lunch Lunch

We grow our own beef here at the Ranch. Once we process it, we make our own handmade burgers for guests. The suet (fat) from our cattle renders into the most delicious tallow - which we then use to fry our hand cut fries with. All this, plus a cool drink, fresh toppings and great fellowship make for an awesome lunch experience.

Served daily between our Morning Ride and Afternoon Ride at 12 noon, Tuesday - Saturday

Included with your stay
Dinner Dinner

Your stay on our Ranch includes a nightly handmade served with our other guests.

Dinner is served at 6 PM, daily Tuesday - Saturday each week from May to September.

Our prix-fixe menu varies, but you will not be disappointed! Click here for tonight's offering.

We serve meals made from scratch, right from our Ranch or other nearby farms. This is truly "farm-to-fork". Meals include non-alcoholic drinks, starter, main course and handmade dessert. Curated Beers, Wine, Whiskey & Mead Selection are included.

The conversation, fellowship and fun are all included. The atmosphere is exciting and enjoyable - after dinner you're welcome to join our guests around the camp fire. Please be sure to notify our staff when booking with any special food requirements.

Included with your stay