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We are a working, active and vibrant multi-species Ranch.

A visit to SonRise Grass Creek is an excellent means of entry into a deep, abiding connection with your food supply. We raise our own pastured, non-soy and non-GMO fed Chicken, Grass-fed and finished Beef and Pastured Pork using Holistic Planned Management and Regenerative Agriculture techniques. On-site, seasonal gardens and local growers provide all other necessary ingredients required to feed the minds and bodies of our guests during their stay.

Because we grow our own food using Regenerative Agriculture, we offer homecooked meals with every stay to our Ranch (including RV stays). All meals are served in the Cookhouse pictured below.

Homemade snacks and goodies are offered between each meal as well as fun activities that range from a petting zoo to seeing our pastured animals rotate across a paddock designed to keep them an ever-increasing plane of nutrition.

The SonRise Grass Creek Guest Ranch Cookhouse, Thermopolis Wyoming

SonRise Grass Creek Guest Ranch has four cabins and two RV spots dedicated for visitors. The small cabins (120 square feet, plus a porch) have either one or two double beds. The Homestead cabin, first built in 1897 is a fully restored, single room, log home. This cabin was built by the original settlers to Grass Creek and for many years operated as the headquarters to the Grass Creek Ranch that spanned many miles. After falling into dis-repair, it was remodeled and restored to its current state and now comfortably accommodates our guests.

The SonRise Grass Creek Guest Ranch Small Cabins, Thermopolis Wyoming

The SonRise Grass Creek Guest Homestead Cabin, Thermopolis Wyoming

We have multiple RV Spots (up to 45' length) for guests to bring their "home on wheels" to our Ranch. We love to have RV'ers join us in all the activities and meals (optional) during their stay. Our team will help you get parked at your spot and provide any necessary assistance to get you settled. Once there, you are welcome to run the slides out and relax.

To book any of our RV sites click here.

We offer meals as part of the all-inclusive stay price in one of our cabins, but, for an RV spot, this is optional. RV spots may only be booked by phone or on this site and when booking our staff will ask if you would like to include meals with your stay.

Meals must be pre-purchased and are non-refundable within 30 days of your arrival (see our policy above). You may choose breakfast, lunch or dinner (or any combination, thereof). Snacks and hot coffee (plus drinks) are always complementary in the guest lodge for RV stays (regardless of meal inclusion or not)

The SonRise Grass Creek Guest RV spots, Thermopolis Wyoming