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Pastured Pig Pals

Pastured Pig Pals

Each person per 1 hour session $20.00

Product Code: PIGS

Description All Inclusive Stay Infomation
We've all heard of "free range pork", but this is different - Free Range, just means, technically, that the pigs are outdoors. "Pastured" on the other hand, means that they don't even see doors, their out in the boonies.

Come join us as we check on our pastured piggies - way out on the back side of the ranch, doing what pigs do best - helping turn over the ecosystem with their snouts.

Come see what this is all about... you'll not be disappointed.

Wear closed toes shoes, and be prepared to walk up to one mile.

Adjust the quantity for the number of adult (18 and over) attendees after clicking the ADD TO CART button.
Kids are free if accompanied by an adult